Watch Buyer’s Guide

Making your selection easy! Just watch and see…


We understand that choosing a watch that is perfectly suited to your needs and caters to your taste, might be a little daunting. There is so much to consider when balancing functionality with design. To help you navigate through all the important considerations, we have put together a watch buyer’s guide to give you expert advice. When you visit one of our stores, our consultants, who are highly knowledgeable, will be able to talk you through all the important considerations and advise you based on your requirements.

Your watch in more detail


The Bezel surrounds the dial of the watch and may be functional or simply part of the aesthetic appeal of the watch.


Some specialist watches have tachymeter scales to measure average speed or uni-directional turning bezels to measure elapsed time, such as is the case with diver’s watches.


We offer Breitling watches, amongst other brands, with functional bezels.  In the case of fashion watches, they are often embezzled with crystals or diamonds for added aesthetic appeal.


Consider whether you need any special features and what look would appeal most to you – something simple and uncluttered or something with a touch of glamour.


The crystal forms a protective shield over the dial and hands of the watch.


Two attributes of quality crystal are that it must be durable and offer excellent visibility at the same time.


Our watches predominantly feature either sapphire crystal or mineral crystal. Sapphire crystal is very hard and scratch-resistant whereas mineral crystal is less likely to shatter if it suffers an impact.


Just as with certain prescription spectacles, some watches may also feature anti-glare treatment on one or both sides of the crystal to ensure optimal readability of your watch in all conditions.


There are various styles of hour markers, including none at all in some modern contemporary watches. Some of the styles used are batons, Arabic numerals, and even crystal or diamond dots, while Roman numerals provide a more classic look.


Particularly in sports watches, the hour markers may have a luminescent coating which will allow you to read your watch in all conditions. Hour markers are an element of the watch that also vastly contribute to the look and feel of the timepiece.


Art meets functionality in the dial. The dial may contain some intricate patterns to make it a true luxury item or be brightly coloured to give it a fun youthful appearance.


Some brands sometimes open up the dial so that you can appreciate the movement of the watch, such as Frederique Constant, while others finish it off with carbon fibre or the mesmerising lure of mother-of-pearl.


Again – this is art and functionality in perfect synergy. The case back protects the watch’s movement and contribute to the feel of the watch.


Special editions may even have some commemorative engravings on them and certain brands have a crystal sapphire glass case instead of opening up the dial, they opened up the case back for you to appreciate the movement of the watch.


Sub-dials are used to denote complications. Depending on your watch’s complications, the sub-dials may display the chronograph functions or, as in some fashion watches, the day, date and month.


Sub-dials will give your watch a very sporty edge.


The very crux of your watch, the case will determine the look, feel and functionality of your timepiece. Size matters…


For a trendier look, you might opt for a large imposing case, such as a TW Steel watch and for a more versatile look, a more dainty feminine case would lend itself to pairing it with some stackable bracelets.


Usually, the case is made of stainless steel and can feature a variety of finishes as well as gold, rose gold or black ion plating. Titanium is a popular choice for sporty and pilot watches due to its lightweight and durable properties.


Used to set the time, as well as possibly the day and date depending on the functions, your watch will have either a push-down or a screw-down crown.


Normally found on fashion watches, a push-down crown simply needs to be pulled out in order to change the time or date.


A screw-down crown is normally found on sports and diver’s watches and ensures a high level of water resistance, provided that the screw in the crown is in fact screwed in.


The type of strap you choose can have a big influence on the overall appearance of your watch. A chunky strap can be very fashionable, while a modest leather strap can create an aire of timeless elegance in contrast. The different strap types are:

Leather Bracelets
Deonne Le Roux Leather Watch Strap

Leather straps are usually made of calf leather but can also be made of crocodile or alligator in certain upmarket brands. Although leather can be very classic and timeless, they also lend itself to a variety of different colours and finishes which add a whole different element to the watch. Leather straps are stitched together. The stitching can add another striking feature. Leather is a natural substance it must be cared for to keep it looking its best. Watches with leather straps are not generally suitable for use in water and are normally fastened with a traditional pin buckle. For hygenic reasons, it is also a good idea to change a leather strap from time to time.

Metal Bracelets
Deonne Le Roux Watch Metal Strap

A metal bracelet has almost become synonymous with status and sophistication. It gives your timepiece a nice weight and a substantial feel. High-end sports watches as well as the latest must-have fashion watch brands all flaunt metal bracelets. These bracelets are composed of links which are usually made of stainless steel and fastened by a concealed clasp. Some of the watch brands, such as Tag Heuer has a double safety clasp which adds to the safety of wearing the piece. Some sports models will also feature extensions for fitting over wet suits. Metal bracelets are available in a number of finishes to complement any look, such as rose or gold plated, bi-metal, black or grey ion plated, or even featuring solid gold or rose gold links. Titanium is also becoming very sought after as it is lightweight and very durable. The finish of the bracelet will also contribute to the overall look of your watch. All you have to do is to decide on what look you wish to create – choose a high polish for a statement “look-at-me” style or a brushed finish for a more edgy and understated look.

Fabric Bracelets
Deonne Le Roux Fabric Watch Strap

Becoming increasingly trendy, a fabric strap is perfect for accessorising your laid back look. Fabric straps offer you great comfort and are sometimes being offered as an extra, allowing you to change the look of your watch to match the occasion. Fabric straps are easy to adjust to get the perfect fit. For an even sportier look you could also try a silicone or rubber strap which is great for diving and more rugged sporting events.

Bangle Bracelets
Deonne Le Roux Bangle Bracelet Watch Strap

If you believe that a watch should be more than just a timepiece, you’re in good company. We also believe that a watch should be a piece of fine jewellery that brings you lots of joy. A bangle watch might just be the look for you. Bangle watches are elegant and feminine and can be dressed up or down and look fabulous when worn with a stack of bracelets. Bangles are difficult to size so it is important to check that you have the right fit when buying your watch.


The movement refers to the mechanism within your watch that keeps track of time and is considered to be the beating heart of your watch. Whether your watch is powered by a mechanical, automatic, quartz or solar powered movement it may have further complications such as chronograph functions, day/date or moon phase displays. Each type of movement has its own characteristics which may determine which would suit your requirements best.

Quartz Movement
Deonne Le Roux Quartz Movement Watch

Quartz movements are powered by a battery and regulated by a quartz crystal. An electrical current is passed through the crystal by the battery, causing the quartz to oscillate very consistently at a high frequency of over 32,000 vibrations per second. These vibrations, in turn, drive a motor which moves the watch hands to keep time. On average you will need to replace the battery of your quartz watch every 18 months – 2 years. Some luxury watch brands are now using even more precise quartz movements. For example, Breitling uses a SuperQuartz movement in their Avenger collection which can be up to 10 times more accurate than a standard quartz movement.

Mechanical Hand-Wound Movement
Deonne Le Roux Mechanical Watch Movement

A mechanical watch is for the nostalgic consumer who wishes to pay homage to a by-gone era of watch-making. Such a watch is driven by the power of a coiled spring. The mainspring must be manually wound to store potential energy, that will then, in turn, provide the watch with energy as it uncoils. Once the spring has been unwound, the watch will stop, and you would have to wind the watch again. Mechanical movements are not as accurate as quartz movements and can gain or lose a few minutes over a month. You must reset the time regularly to ensure accuracy.

Automatic Movement
Deonne Le Roux Automatic Movement Watch

This type of movement epitomises the exquisite art of watchmaking. An automatic movement is a mechanical movement with a self-winding design. It essentially works in the same way as a mechanical watch but gains its energy from the movement of your wrist to wind the mainspring. It has a rotor that spins when the watch is in movement, the mechanism transfers this kinetic energy from the spinning rotor to the mainspring of the winding system. Although these watches normally have a power reserve that can keep your watch ticking for a couple of days without you having worn it, you should wear your automatic watch every day to maintain its power reserve. Alternatively, you can keep yours on a watch winder, or manually wind it if it has stopped. Like mechanical watches, automatic watches can gain or lose a few minutes per month, so should be re-set regularly to maintain accuracy.

Automatic watches are wound by the movements of your wrist. It is very important in this case to ensure that your watch is adjusted to fit properly as a loose fit may result in the watch being unable to wind itself correctly.

Solar Powered
Deonne Le Roux Solar Powered Watch Movement

Watches such as the Citizen Eco-Drive are powered by light. These watches use a photovoltaic cell on the face of the watch which converts energy from light into electricity which is then stored in a battery to power the watch’s mechanism. These watches are extremely accurate as they work like a battery operated watch but will not require a new battery under normal circumstances.


Watches may be water resistant but never waterproof. Water resistance is measured in PSI’s (pounds per square inch). The units in which pressure is measured are BAR or ATM (atmospheres). One BAR = one ATM = 10 meters water resistance.



If a watch is water resistant to 50 metres, it means that the watch can safely withstand the pressure of a still watch below the surface. However, if you were to move the watch, e.g. when swimming, you would be exerting a lot more pressure on the watch. This is why it is important for you to know that even though a watch may say water resistant 50 metres, it does not mean that it is recommended to wear the watch at that depth.

Here is a further guide:


Deonne Le Roux Water Resistance Watch


Watches that are not marked as water resistant should never get wet and should not even be worn while playing sports. Watches which are marked as water resistant without depth is only water resistant for accidental contact with water. The crown should never be pulled out when the watch is wet. Watches exposed to salt water should be rinsed in fresh water afterward. The watch should be serviced regularly. Battery replacement on a water-resistant watch must be done by a watchmaker.


Sports Watches
Deonne Le Roux Sport Watch Super Avenger Military Watch

Fashion meets function. Our collection of sports watches cater for both the sport scene trendsetter as well as the superhero who like to push the boundaries. Ranging from fashionable sporty styles to ultra-rugged watches that can endure the harshest conditions, a sports watch gives you all the information you need at your fingertips. Usually featuring a higher level of water resistance, they may also showcase additional functions such as a stopwatch, uni-directional rotating bezel for measuring elapsed time, tachymeters and even altimeters. Follow this link to view our range of sports watches.

Luxury Watches
Deonne Le Roux Frederique Constant Watch Luxury Watch

These brands are known for their obsession with the ultimate precision and innovative design. They spell class, elegance and status to its wearer. They make sound investments that are designed to last a lifetime. Our luxury watches will showcase high-end finishes such as gold and rose gold and certainly a touch of glamour and sophistication. Normally fitted with Swiss movements which are renowned for their quality and accuracy, they may be either automatic or quartz and will need regular servicing in order to keep them in perfect working order. Follow this link to view our range of luxury watches.

Fashion Watches
Deonne Le Roux Fashion Watches

Featuring all the must-have brands in the most coveted styles and finishes, our selection of fashion watches will keep you “with it” this season. Designed to make a statement, these watches will feature the latest finishes such as gold and rose gold plating as well as crystal bezels and ceramic or acetate details. They are usually powered by quartz batteries which are long-lasting and very accurate. Follow this link to view our range of fashion watches.

Swiss Watches
Deonne Le Roux Swiss Watch

The art of superior watchmaking is epitomised in these watches. A Swiss made watch embodies the highest possible standard of traditional manufacturing, advanced technology, and luxurious aesthetic qualities. Renowned as the centre of the watch industry for over 400 years, Switzerland continues to instill its prestigious watches with uncompromising innovation, precision and unparalleled attention to detail and high-end movements which in turn lend the wearer unrivaled excellence. Showcasing powerful brand names such as TAG Heuer, Breitling and Raymond Weil, our Swiss watches will give every look an air of authority. Follow this link to view our range of Swiss watches.


No matter what brand or model you choose, your watch is a sophisticated precision instrument which is constantly in motion and will require a bit of care and attention to keep it in tick-tock condition. We are proud to offer you an outstanding selection of timepieces. To achieve the perfect combination of style and functionality is an art and every watch in our collection is a product of the synergy between these two attributes. Our highly skilled professional consultants are able to advise you on how to keep your watch in the best possible condition.



How to set the time and date

Ever been an hour late?  Now there is no excuse!  To change the time on your watch is really easy – with a few simple twists and turns there should be no reason for you to ever be late again. Here’s how –


Twist & Turn


The method will depend on whether you have a push down crown or a screw in crown.


Push down crown (watches without a date function)


  1. Pull the crown out as far as it will go
  2. Turn the crown clockwise to set the hour and minute hands
  3. Push the crown back to its original position


Watches that have date and other functions will have different crown positions to adjust each function. Always remember to return the crown to its original position after adjusting the time to prevent dust and humidity entering the watch.


Screw down crown (watches without a date function)


  1. First unscrew the crown by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction until it springs open
  2. Gently pull the crown out to its first position
  3. Turn the crown clockwise to set the hour and minute hands
  4. After setting the time, push the crown back in and turn it in a clockwise direction to screw it down tightly.




If your watch has a date function, you should avoid changing the time between 10 and 2. Changing the time of your watch during these hours could affect how your watch displays the date. If you find that you have a problem with your watch changing dates at noon instead of midnight, it simply means that your watch is on the wrong 12 hour cycle. To correct it, just move your watch forward 12 hours and the date should change at midnight again.


It is important to have your watch serviced on a regular basis to keep it in good working order.  Just as your car has many moving parts that can get worn, certain parts of your watch can get worn over time and might need to be replaced.  How often exactly your watch needs to be serviced will depend on the brand as well as on how you wear it.  Visit our friendly staff and they will gladly advise you on what they would suggest.  We also offer two options when it comes to servicing a watch that is no longer under guarantee.  You may elect to either send the watch to the agents for servicing or our own master watchmaker could service it for you at a fraction of the time and costs.

Battery Replacement

Quartz watches are powered by batteries which will require changing over time, usually every 12 to 18 months. Some quartz watches are equipped with battery end of life indicators, in these models the second hand will commonly jump in five-second intervals when the battery is running out. If your watch starts losing time or stops working, please visit us in any of our stores where we will be able to test the battery for you and change it for you if that is the issue.

How to look after your watch

Chemicals: Chemicals are obviously harmful to your watch and may damage the case, remove plated finishes, attack the water resistant seals or discolour leather straps. Substances to avoid contact with are petrol, thinners, nail polish, perfume, cosmetics, cleaning products, glue and paint as they can all cause damage to the finish of your watch.


Magnetic fields: Magnetic fields can damage your watch as well. You should avoid placing your watch on or near machines such as loud speakers and refrigerators as the magnetic fields they generate could damage it.


Push-in crown: You should ensure that the crown is always pushed in to the neutral position to avoid humidity getting into the watch.


Shocks: Although some watches are shock resistant, it is still advisable to keep your watch working perfectly to avoid exposing it to shocks as far as possible – such as dropping it or knocking it against hard objects. Sudden and extreme changes in temperature is another form of shock that should also be avoided.


Leather straps: We specifically mention leather straps under special care as it is a natural product and needs to be carefully cared for in order to preserve its beauty. You should protect your leather strap from water, perspiration, damp, grease, perfume, cosmetics and chemicals. You should also avoid excessive exposure to the sun which can cause your leather strap to crack. Periodically treating your strap with a leather care product will help it keep its supple feel and its beautiful appearance.


Extreme temperatures: Just like most humans, your watch will also not appreciate sudden extremes.  Your watch is a delicate precision instrument and should not be exposed to extremes of temperature. You should avoid leaving your watch in extremes of heat for any length of time, and should not expose it to direct sunlight. Very hot temperatures may result in malfunctions, particularly in battery operated watches, whilst extremely cold temperatures below freezing can cause considerable lack of precision. Thermal shock can be particularly damaging to your watch and should be avoided, for example taking your watch straight from sun exposure to underwater can result in the glass shattering.


Screw-in crown: Normally found on waterproof watches, you should always ensure that the crown is fully screwed in to avoid humidity getting into the watch. Always check the crown before swimming with your watch as it will not be waterproof unless it is fully screwed in.

Water Resistant

Salt water: If your watch is water resistant to above 100m, you may choose to wear it to swim in the sea. Just as in the case of good skincare, always rinse your watch in fresh water after swimming in the sea. You should also thoroughly rinse your watch after contact with chlorinated water. The water resistance of your watch may not be permanent. Over time, the seal may be affected by wear or by an accidental shock to the crown. We would recommend that you have the seals of your water resistant watch tested annually to ensure correct functioning. Our stores are equipped with sophisticated water pressure testing equipment to give you peace of mind.


To keep your watch looking its best, you should clean it periodically. Metal bracelets and water resistant cases can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and some soapy water. You should then dry your watch thoroughly and polish with a jewellery cleaning cloth. We have some wonderful jewellery cleaning kits available in our stores.  Avoid using silver polishing cloths as these can remove any rose or gold plating that your watch may have.

WOW! A lifetime of inspection and care.

Because, like you, we view a watch, not as a simple instrument to tell the time, but rather as a timeless piece of fine jewellery, we are proud to offer you a lifetime of free watch bracelet adjustment and care advice to ensure it always makes a statement. Just call into any of our stores where our team will be happy to adjust your watch to ensure a perfect fit, as well as offering advice about cleaning, batteries, and servicing.