Getting Her to Yes: How to Make a Marriage Proposal That Knocks Her Off Her Feet

You have met the one, you are ready to take the next step and give up your messy bachelors apartment… You know that you are not sacrificing your freedom, but instead you are ready to share the rest of your life with the girl of your dreams…


Want to surprise your lady with a breathtaking marriage proposal? Get her to say ‘yes’ with this how-to guide!

  1. Test the waters: Before thinking about proposing, find out her feelings on marriage in general and whether she dreams of marrying you one day. Having hypothetical discussions helps keep you both up to date about where you stand as a couple.


2. Keep it a surprise: It’s a feat to keep your proposal plans under wraps, but keeping it a secret is the best way to sweep her off her feet! Also be sure to keep it a secret from anyone who may spill the beans and spoil the big surprise inadvertently.


3. Ask her parents for their blessing: In our modern culture, asking for permission isn’t necessary, but for a family-centric person, asking for blessing is the perfect bridge between being perfectly romantic and respectful, in situations like these old-school rules will Apply!

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4. Think about her: Why do you want to marry her? What does she do or care about that is very special? Try to incorporate these very specific ideas about who she is into your breathtaking proposal. Being personal and sentimental when planning such an intimate event is never a bad idea.


5. Find the perfect ring: The best engagement rings are the ones that takes her personality into account and is chosen specifically for her.  Ask her closest friends and family for advice when visiting jewellery stores. If the idea of marriage has ever crossed her mind, it is very likely that she has a collection worth a Jewellery store of engagement rings on her phone.


6. Keep to a budget: Between the perfect ring and an idyllic proposal, proposing can be expensive. Be smart with your money and only spend what you can afford.

7. Dress appropriately: Make sure you both are dressed appropriately for the location you’ve chosen. If you are surprising her with a hike to the top of a mountain, make sure that she isn’t trying some off-roading in high heels and has a jersey to keep warm.

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8. Practice your proposal: It will help manage your nerves and give you a positive outline on what you want to say.

9. Get on one knee: Rather avoid the rehearsed speech from a piece of paper and be brave, speak from the heart! Yes, you look ridiculous, but she’ll love the romantic gesture and appreciate the risk you took. It’s time to be awkward and wear your heart on your sleeve, no need to hold back any emotions, tell her how wonderful she is.

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10. Be YOU, don’t force something out of character. Finally: see her eyes sparkle like diamonds get the ‘YES!’ in the bag, and share the news with family and friends!

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