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Inspired by Victorian elegance, and a modern take on classic brilliance. A well executed halo will enhance the beauty and size of the centre stone.

The end result is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, just like you! 100% guaranteed satisfaction every time with our mastercrafting skills..

The solitaire design is the epitome of timeless classic elegance and simplicity that emphasises the centre stone as the hero of the design.

This range boasts a modern take of using gemstones as the hero of these designs. Each stone is individually selected for brilliance, beauty and even saturation.

Using our unique design elements we have created a range of broad show stopping rings. A look that is distinctly bold and creative.

These designs from our under R20 000 range are a reflection of design skills to emphasise beauty yet still maintain value for money without breaking the bank.

Strong duplicated geometric lines are the basis of the art deco era combined with lacy milgrain elements of the Edwardian period, this describes our Vintage style.

With our design skills & unique techniques combined with exceptional quality diamonds and precious stones to create superior brilliance in our Bespoke Collection.

What Our Customers Say

Quality Service

The Quality of Service, The special treatment, And good discount from time to time. It is not just a Jewelry Store, it is a place of Class and Quality and comfort.

– Eudob

Helpful Service

The friendly, helpful service and the fact that Shonélle listens to what you want, she doesn’t push you to buy something just to make a sale.

– Sanette Boshoff

Friendly Assistance

You had exactly what I was looking for-A wedding band that matched my engagement ring perfectly! And the quality of the diamonds are excellent!

– Marais Basson

Personal Customer Experience

I enjoy the fact that you’re privately owned and that it is a personal experience. Great customer service and you feel special to work with customers during special circumstances.

– Odette Maritz