Choosing the right engagement ring style for you.

Choosing the right engagement ring style for you.

What engagement ring style is right for me? Take this short quiz to find out what style of engagement ring is right for you.

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He went on down to one knee, proclaimed his everlasting love for you and ask you the BIG question – or you’re certain he will soon. Most women have dreamed about their perfect engagement ring and know exactly what they want, others are not quite sure about what they want yet.

With so many different stones, metals and styles it’s not strange to get confused about what you want. The most important part of choosing an engagement ring is capturing the personality of the person wearing it. 

Let us guide you to find the perfect piece to treasure every day.

Take our 7 question Engagement Ring Style Quiz and discover your style!

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Book an appointment with one of our jewellery experts and design the ring of your dreams!

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